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The Kodiak Cabin
500 sq.ft. to 1000 sq.ft.

The Grizzly Chalet
1520 sq.ft. to 2900 sq.ft.

The Alpine Glow Chalet
1750 sq.ft. to 2900 sq.ft.

The Tundra Chalet
2400 sq.ft. to 3500 sq.ft.

The Soldotna Lodge
2160 sq.ft to 3600 sq.ft.

The BlackBear Chalet
1120 sq.ft. to 1920 sq.ft.

The Alpine Lodge
2068 sq.ft. to 3272 sq.ft.

The Glacier Bear Cabin
672 sq.ft. to 1120 sq.ft.

The Alpina Grande
2400 sq.ft. to 4000 sq.ft.

The Flint Creek Chalet
1500 sq.ft to 2600 sq.ft.

The Cascade Lodge
2068 sq.ft. to 3312 sq.ft.

The Columbia Lodge
2870 sq.ft. to 4568 sq.ft.

We supply the highest quality fire-killed super dry logs money can buy. Our packages feature lathe turned logs, Swedish coped on the bottom, with saddle notched corners. We hand cut each log to get a nice finish on that looks identical to a handcrafted log, only they are dimensionally accurate so they stack perfectly and make interior walls and cabinets easy to hang. These kits can be from our plans or yours, as we are flexible and can give you what you need. Lathed logs are a perfect log that settles evenly, and is very straight, much drier, and lighter for the do-it-yourselfer. They have less maintenance, and most banks and insurance companies favor them, as there are less problems with them.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer, these kits are the easiest and fastest to build with. The interior is also much easier and less expensive as there is less custom work to do. Most of our current popular logs are coming from the Bitterroot Forest in Western Montana, as there were some huge fires that killed lots of trees, and they are in good supply. Our most popular house log is the 10 Milled Spruce log with Swedish cope and Saddle Notch.

We have several more kits to offer, please bear with us on this site construction. email us by clicking on the contact link on top to give us an idea of the square footage you are requesting. Thanks!