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Custom Log Home Kits and wholesale packages with free design?

IMPOSSIBLE!...or is it? Is there actually a complete package for log homes that can give yoiu free custom design, give you a log home package that is the cheapest log home package in the world, but have the highest quality of any log home company?

Click here to see the lowest priced, highest quality log home kit on the market...Lazarus Log Homes.

log home living room

Log Cabin Kits, Log Cabins, Log Homes Kits with free design, lowest prices, & high quality.

Log home kit Custom log home package

The comfortable log home interior layout, customized to your tastes.

log home kitchen design

Complete log home kits, custom designed, priced lower than any company, delivered faster, with the highest quality. This type of log home package is a lodge style log home with gable dormers

This is a customized log home package, starting out a a lodge style, then designed for a slope with a walk-out style basement, adding a sun room and gazebo, and covered porches. see more like this here.

log cabin home kit
log home basement treatment

A log home kitchen is to die for. Totally a unique feature of your own log home design, and a way to personalize a log home more than any other way.

log home interior loft

This is a Log home kit, in a chalet (pronounced “shalay”),  These types of log home kits have the most bang for the buck. easy to build, huge cathedral ceilings, yet rectangular, so very efficient. See more chalets here.

Custom Log Cabins and Log Cabin Kits

Lazarus Log Homes
At Lazarus Log Homes, we design a log home kit customized in 3d, free of charge, to your liking. We can design any log home, from a log cabin kit, to a luxury log home. The trick here is to find a log home package that you like, and make if fit your budget! The good thing about our log homes is that they are cheap, but of super high quality, the highest quality of any log home company. We are debt free, so we don’t have the huge overhead of many companies, are family owned and operated, and we move a lot of custom log home and log cabin kits. Click here for the different types of log homes. To help you get what you want at the price you can afford, we try to help you get the cheapest log home kit, but get exactly what you want. Log home packages are not created equal, as you can see in this link. We are a Montana Log Home company, but ship these anywhere, and will ship them so they get to you cheaper than your local company, with far better log home materials. If you do the research, Lazarus Log Homes is the best, lowest priced company to offer huge handcrafted posts and beams, yet utilize a computer controlled lathe to accurately turn the wall logs with a swedish cope, and saddle notch, then we hand peel the sides for the handcrafted look, without the problems of the poor log fitment and high maintenance of log walls that settle like crazy and are super weak (handcrafted log homes). If you want to see lots of log home plans, click on that link and then choose a style of log home that is the closest to what you like. We have over 350 log home plans, only about 70 or so on the website, so part of what we do is help you with your initial decision, by showing you many different ideas from other log home plans that are close to what you had in mind.